If you have a disability or long term illness and have been, or currently are in, higher education or employment you could be part of a ground-breaking new project. Proved Possible is a growing online database of the experiences of people with disabilities within education and the workplace.
The aim is to create a trustworthy online resource to be used by people with disabilities, their educators and their employers. By harnessing the real experiences of disabled people we hope to provide a resource which can prove to both employers and individuals that many career choices are possible for people with disabilities. It is a space for individuals to share their challenges and achievements and to pass on to those with similar aspirations what they wish they had known at the start of their journey. Having or developing a disability throws into question where the realms of possibility lie: so each submission to the online resource is a venture literally ‘proved possible’. Participants are a diverse group of trail blazers who by sharing their experiences can help others find their own route through education and employment.

Where it Started

Proved Possible was born when I, Imogen, wanted to know if I would make it through the medical needed to start an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy. I was worried because I am registered blind. I put an appeal on facebook to find a visually impaired OT, if they do in fact exist. Then I had an idea- an idea for an online catalogue of all the jobs that people with disabilities have found possible. We are told so often that things aren’t possible, or aren’t feasible, and it is about time there was a way for people to find each other in order to achieve their full potential.

I’m hoping the project will grow and grow, all different disabilities and all different impossibilities.

One rule- No slush.

Submit to the site to prove what is possible. Even a submission you think as mundane might make all the difference to people newly diagnosed.

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