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If you have a disability, illness or impairment and have been or are in higher education or employment, we want to hear from you. Proved Possible is a growing online collective of people with different impairments who are taking on the world of work and education. Proved Possible will allow people with disabilities looking for work or higher education to see how others with similar impairments have succeeded in their chosen field. It’s very simple to contribute; you just fill in the boxes below. We will then edit, show it back to you, and publish. You can find more on the ‘about’ page and message any queries to:

Posts to Proved Possible are edited for spelling or grammatical errors, plus editorial changes can be made to assist clarity the rest is the real advice of a person who has overcome barriers. If you wish to submit anonymously just enter a pseudonym or ‘anon’ in the name box. No details will be passed on to any third party.

If I can help you fill in the form in any way please just let me know.

By submitting the form you are giving permission for your entries to be shared on Giving details of social networking tags will enable others to ask questions or follow your journey. Only first names will be published.